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A backhoe excavator preparing a road on a ranch with snow on the ground and on the treesKW & Sons Excavating can provide you with custom entrances, graded roadways, site preparation, and other excavating services are crucial for the construction of riding arenas, livestock and horse barns, paddocks, poultry houses and other structures related to the equestrian and agriculture industry.

Farm and ranch excavating services typically involve the use of heavy equipment to clear and level land for agricultural or ranching purposes. These services may include site preparation, ditch digging and cleaning, pond and lake construction, and road and driveway building. 

KW & Sons Excavating is equipped to handle a wide range of projects, from small-scale land improvements to large-scale earth-moving projects. These services are critical for farmers and ranchers in the area as it helps them to maintain their land for agriculture and livestock production.

Colorado Farm & Ranch Excavation Services

We provide farm and ranch excavating services in the Arkansas Valley area of central Colorado to include Fremont County, Chaffee County, and Custer County. We are based in Cotopaxi, Colorado and routinely have farm and ranch excavating jobs scheduled in Cañon City, Salida, Westcliffe, Penrose, Florence, and Poncha Springs.

We specialize in rural excavation in the mountains and on rough terrain.

We also offer additional services such as grading, drainage solutions, demolition and debris removal, and soil stabilization to help improve the land for farming and ranching. Some of our most recent projects included:

  • Clearing and grading of land for agricultural purposes
  • Installation of drainage systems to prevent soil erosion and improve crop yield
  • Excavation for pond and lake construction for irrigation and livestock watering
  • Site preparation for construction of barns, sheds, and other structures
  • Building of retaining walls for terraced fields and hillsides
  • Installation of irrigation systems for crops
  • Excavation for the installation of underground utilities such as water and electrical lines
  • Road and driveway construction and maintenance
  • Demolition of old buildings, barns, sheds
  • Excavation and grading for the construction of arenas and riding arenas for equestrian use
  • Site preparation for silos, windbreaks, and other agricultural structures

These types of excavation services are aimed at improving crop yield, preventing soil erosion, providing irrigation and livestock watering, and supporting the construction of various farm & ranch structures and facilities.

Farm and Ranch Road Entrances and Site Preparation

Custom entrances are designed to provide easy access to the property and to ensure that vehicles and trailers can safely enter and exit the property. The entrance must be properly graded to ensure that it is level and free of any obstacles or hazards.

Graded roadways are also essential for the safe movement of vehicles, trailers, and equipment on the property. The roadways must be properly graded and maintained to ensure that they are safe for use and that water drainage is managed to prevent erosion and other issues.

Site preparation is crucial for the rural construction of riding arenas, livestock and horse barns, paddocks, and poultry houses. This includes the leveling of the site, the removal of any obstacles or hazards, and the preparation of the foundation for the construction.

Excavating services are also essential for the construction of drainage systems, water retention ponds, and other infrastructure related to the care and management of livestock and horses. These systems must be properly designed and installed to ensure that they are efficient and effective.

At KW & Sons Excavating, we have the right equipment and the expertise to provide all these excavation services. Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to providing high-quality work and to ensuring that all projects are completed on time and within budget. We understand the specific needs of equestrian and agriculture industry and we are committed to providing the best excavating services to our farm and ranch clients.

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